The Rapids

via Daily Prompt: Shallow


I tiptoe into the shallows


As if afraid


The rapids beckon


I inch closer


Water droplets spray my face

A warning

But the other side still calls


One more centimeter

And into blue

I swirl


And awaken



via Daily Prompt: Tea

It’s nearly midnight. My eyes burn from staring at the same assignment for hours on end. My mind is fraying; scorched at the ends (a matter of time before it explodes).

The pages blur, focus, blur.

Time trickles by. I’m the only one awake. It’s quiet (suffocating).

The teapot sits before me. Steam overflows out of my mug.

The pencil stays untouched.


via Daily Prompt: Harmonize


A resounding crash

A clatter

The pounding of fists on doors



Cracking glass

Cracking masks



Discordant cries

That once harmonized


Scattered piano keys

Scattered red strings

That once tied them together


Rotting hearts

Left alone too long

That stopped reaching out

A millennia ago


Pounding fists

On doors that closed

A millennia ago


Cracking glass

Pushed back

Thrown away




The wind whispers

As it throws them apart

Yet again

Spiderweb Tightrope

via Daily Prompt: Savor


I’ll savor every moment of being a child

While I still can


Before the sun makes me bloom

Without consent


Before I stand in the center of a spider web

With paths in all directions

And one just a little thinner than all the rest


Of course I’d pick the tightrope


But I can handle sleepless nights

And loose change rather than bills

If it means the tightrope isn’t broken



Em had seen hair chalk at Walmart and, of course, had to buy it. He said that his dark hair would never work- but mine? Perfect (well, according to him).

I walk out of the bathroom with green streaks in my – now straight – hair. Em grins and shoots me a thumbs up.

“I like your minty-fresh hair.”

To be honest, I don’t know if I should sigh or laugh. So I do both.


I’m alive! Sorry about that unplanned 2-week hiatus, I’ve honestly been crazy busy with little to no free time. However, I’m attempting to get back on track. Just please don’t expect daily updates for a bit, okay? ^^ Love y’all, thanks so much for reading~