The Wrong Words

via Daily Prompt: Visceral


It’s visceral

The way words pour out of her mouth


Each one with a double meaning


Her hands move with violent grace

Daring you to ignore her again

Daring you to look away


She’s frustratingly magnetic

Drawing you in with raw desire


She’s fluid phrases

Loosely chained together


Her rants never end

She can’t let go

But she pretends to be flippant


She lacks class

She operates solely on instinct

Clinging onto the first chance she gets

Desperately babbling


It’s visceral

The way she glides across your mouth


It’s natural

That she wouldn’t stay long


It’s expected

That her words would last

Longer than either of you wanted


She can’t let go

As easily as she pretends


She’s visceral





3 thoughts on “The Wrong Words

      1. Yes I understand, sometimes I wait a few weeks and then then do a rewite of the poem, surprising how clear and simple it is to edit your writings with new and fresh thoughts, It’s like your a different person, and reading your own words from a different perspective.

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